Our clinicians

General Practitioners

Dr Lou Sanderson

Dr Ed Poliness

Dr Brigette Agostinelli

Dr David Corbet

Dr Tom Bradey

Dr Sinead Healy-Evans- GP registrar

Dr Lucy Dobson- GP registrar

Registered Nurses

Tim O’Callaghan

Todd Fry

Tiff Boots

Jacqui Myers

Skye Duncan- Care Co-ordination & Supplementary Services

Claire Galbraith- Koori Maternity Service

Larissa Martino- Maternal Child Health

Aboriginal Health Workers and Workers

Kerrie Alsop

Catherine Gibbs

James Jose

Kiralee Hogema

Specialist Consultants and Allied Health

Penelope Wood- Pharmacist

Margaret Wardrop- Liver Clinic Nurse

Olga Lutzko- Diabetes Educator

Dr Samantha Worboys- Endocrinologist

Dr Sajeewa Rathnayake- Obstetrician

Dr Jane Standish- Paediatrician

Dr Kate McCloskey- Paediatrician

Dr Margie Fulton- Paediatrician

Dr Ashley Alexander- Paediatric fellow

Dr Nick Kiraly- Paediatric fellow

Wellness and Recovery Team

Dr Russell Golden- Psychiatrist

Dr Jordan Ridgewell- Psychiatrist Registrar

Giorgia Sala- Provisional Psychologist

Esther Broome- Family Focus Therapist

Melissa Commons- Alcohol and Other Drugs Worker

Tania Webber- Brief Intervention Worker

Karyn Kehagias- Dual Diagnosis Clinician

Mental Health Workers

Bringing Them Home Workers

Sexual Assault and Family Violence Counsellors

Cultural Consultants