Happy 40th Anniversary to our Co-op

22 May 2020

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative

40th Anniversary

Nyoorraa Woorreyn (hello, how are you?)

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative (Wathaurong). Wathaurong
was formed by community in 1978 and registered on 22 May 1980 to support the social, economic, and
cultural development of Aboriginal people. During the last four decades, Wathaurong has battled
through considerable challenges to continue its existence. We are immensely proud of the
relationships and partnerships we have built over 40 years to ensure culturally appropriate
services are advocated for and delivered to our community.

To mark the 40th anniversary milestone, Wathaurong has planned a year of celebrations to provide
community the opportunity to share our history and journey, this will include:

      • Wathaurong’s new 40th anniversary logo branding (see above)
      • Development of Wathaurong’s 40th anniversary webpage that will include:
          • Calendar of activities; and
          • Virtual video and photo collage of Wathaurong’s journey from 1980’s to today
      • Cultural dance ceremony 2021
      • A community cabaret to be held when COVID-19 restrictions are sufficiently lifted

We wish you and all your family, good health and safety during these uncertain times. Our message to community continues to be:

Stay Strong, we are Survivors. We remember our Strength and Survival today and every day.

Nyatne, Gobota (Thanks, Take care)

Wathaurong’s Board of Directors