milla milla playgroup

What is Milla Milla Playgroup?

Milla Milla Playgroup gives our community the opportunity for parents, caregivers and their children to come together in a culturally safe environment to learn more about Aboriginal culture and strengthen the cultural identity of children through play.

Who is eligible?

Parents and caregivers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged from pre-birth to school entry.

More information

Playgroup gives children the opportunity to:

  • Have fun
  • Make new friends and build upon social skills
  • Develop new skills through informal play
  • Strengthen their cultural identity
  • Strengthen their knowledge of their culture

Playgroup gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to:

  • Meet other parents and caregivers
  • Make friends
  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Spend quality time with their children
  • Encourage, help, or simply play with their children.

If transport is a problem, let us know so we can include you and your child in pickups to and from Playgroup

What to expect

A usual day at playgroup usually consists of:

  • Free play
  • Group session including story time, singing, learning Wadawurrung language
  • Lunch
  • Outdoor play


If you access Milla Milla Playgroup online via the Facebook page, you will be guided through a group time session facilitated by Wathaurong’s playgroup facilitator.

Who to Contact

Kristi Watts

Playgroup Facilitator

0419 698 264

When is playgroup?

Currently, due to COVID19, Milla Milla Playgroup is operating online via our Facebook page, as well as out on country once a week. Contact our Playgroup Facilitator to learn when Playgroup is operating.