Incorporated in 1980 under the Victorian Co-operatives Act, membership of the organisation consists of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the Geelong area. Membership requires the completion of an application form. Maintenance and qualification of membership requires active and ongoing participation in the organisation’s activities and planning processes.

For more information, visit our Morgan Street reception area to fill in a membership form.



A code of conduct or behaviour can be described as a set of statements that set out what we consider to be an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct. This code explains how we expect our members to behave.

This code of conduct provides a guide and basis of expectations for our members. It encourages commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outlines the principles on which Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative is based.

· Treat each person as an individual

· Show respect and courtesy to all involved

· Display appropriate and responsible behaviour in all interactions

· Display responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol and other drugs

· Act with integrity and objectivity

· Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions

· Respect the rights and worth of every person, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion

· Encourage and support opportunities for people to learn appropriate behaviours and skills

· Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a safe environment

· Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment-free environment

· Do not tolerate abusive, bullying or threatening behaviour

· Recognise that all members have the right to privacy and confidentiality

· If a member acts in a way that is detrimental to a member, client, staff and/or property the Board can suspend that member immediately. They will have the right of appeal by calling a Special General Meeting.

Remember, you are not only a representative of Wathaurong but also of Aboriginal people. Behaviour, both positive and negative, casts a shadow over all of the members of Wathaurong. Think carefully about how your actions, words and behaviour will impact upon others around you.

The Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Board may apply the following sanctions to any member found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct based on the seriousness and frequency of their behaviour:

  1. Caution
  2. Direction to leave the organisation event
  3. Attendance at a meeting with Directors to discuss the breach and appropriate sanction/s
  4. Participation in personal development
  5. Suspension from organisation activities
  6. Expulsion from the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative (according to constitution).

Any member who is alleged to have breached the code of conduct will always be given a 'right of reply'. They will also be offered the opportunity to bring a support person to any official discussions regarding the alleged breach.

In the case of a dispute with Directors an independent mediator may be retained to mediate the dispute.

The Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative will at all times ensure that any person undergoing any of the above procedures will be dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner, irrespective of the alleged breach of the Rule or Code of Conduct.