justice system

The Local Justice and Koori Youth Justice programs liaise with the Department of Justice, Sherriff’s Office, Community Corrections, Department of Health and Human Services (Youth Justice) and other related agencies to improve outcomes for community members who may have come into contact or be at risk of coming into contact with the justice system. The program also aims to increase the community’s knowledge of the justice system and of their rights to reduce the amount of negative contact with the system.

We oversee Community Corrections Order (CCO) hours at Wurdi Youang where we provide productive and culturally strengthening activities such as:

  • land management
  • weed control
  • tree planting
  • setup of greenhouse/hot-house for:
    • future seed collection
    • propagation of native grasses and seeds
  • interaction between this program and a number of services

We work hard to achieve minimisation and elimination of our community's contact with the justice system, through education and intervention, as well as working closely with other programs and services to address core issues that lead to individual offending.