in-home support

What is in-home support?

In-home Support is a Parent Support program for parents and caregivers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 0 to 3 years. The In-home Support program provides the opportunity to engage in culturally appropriate individual support and group/social connections, while linking families with the local Wathaurong community.

We assisted more than


families last year

Who is eligible?

Parents and caregivers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged from birth to 3 years of age.

More information

The In-home Support program was put in place to help our children grow up strong in community and in culture whilst increasing opportunities for parents and caregivers to increase their knowledge and skillset to provide the best environments for their children to grow up strong, healthy and connected. The In-home Support program will provide you with the comprehensive tools and knowledge you need to achieve your best with your kids throughout the ages 0 to 3.

Opportunities for those accessing the In-home Support program are: 

  • In-home Support's Education Program which could be anything from swimming to library sessions that run alongside the current Victorian Public School calendar terms
  • supported introduction to Milla Milla, Kulin Mob and various other supported playgroups
  • monthly outings held offsite on the first Monday of every month (check the newsletter for upcoming events)
  • building links and connections with Maternal and Child Health
  • supported introduction to Wathaurong Health Service and other relevant Wathaurong Community and Family Services programs
  • subscription to the bi-monthly Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative newsletter to stay up-to-date with community events and activities that may be relevant to you and your family.

What to expect

At the initial intake to the In-home Support program you will meet with one of the lovely In-home Support workers to work out your first Family Action Plan which will be reviewed every 3 months for eligibility and change as needed. With your input we will work together to find the most appropriate supports for you and your family’s needs over your first 3 months Family Action Plan. You will go over the 3 different types of support available to In-home Support clients. These supports include:

Individual support
  • Help with parenting routines and advice on your baby’s development
  • Role-modelling play activities for your baby in the home
  • Supporting mothers with breastfeeding and linking them to expert advice when needed
  • Assisting families with appointments for key milestones including Maternal Child Health visits
  • Assisting families to access immunisation sessions and Aboriginal child and adult health checks.
Group/social connection
  • Connecting you to local playgroup
  • Involving community Elders in group activities
  • Parent education programs
  • Assistance with transport to group activities.
Linking families with community
  • Linking families with local Aboriginal community activities, programs and events
  • Health promotion
  • Information on local services for children and families.