home & community care

What is Home & Community Care (HACC)?

Our HACC team provides low-level care services to eligible Aboriginal people in the Geelong region to help prevent premature entry into permanent care.

Who is eligible?

For people:

  • whose capacity for independent living is at risk
  • who are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long term care
  • 50 years or older, or
  • under 50 years but with a disability which restricts ability to complete daily tasks associated with independent living
  • people from the HACC target group, regardless of gender or disability.

More information

This program is a comprehensive support service that helps to keep you in your home and living independently.

Service provision includes:

  • property maintenance fee for services
  • personal care
  • respite care
  • home care/domestic assistance
  • social support
  • in-home respite care
  • planned activity.

What to expect

Our staff will:

  • establish and develop care plans to help you meet goals
  • respond to cultural needs
  • plan and deliver a range of activities for Planned Activity Group
  • attend meetings and workshops to improve services through sharing information and quality improvements
  • maintain continuity of care to clients via regular reviews and assessments as required
  • highlight issues of regional or statewide significance, with the aim to develop strategies that improve cultural planning as well as client access to a broader range of services. Forums where we do this include:
    • Koori Aged and Disability Network Advisory Committee
    • Victorian Aboriginal Aged Care and Disability
    • Maintaining networks and strengthening partnerships with HACC funded partners, to support and improve client access to a broader range of services.

Client activities include:

  • an ongoing art group with therapeutic and social benefits
  • planned activity groups with important social and cultural connections to the community.