Directors are appointed to the Board through a nomination and election process defined under the Co-operative’s constitution at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). At each AGM either two or three Directors are compelled to resign, depending on the year as per the Constitution. However, they are able to re-nominate for election.

As elected delegates representing members of the Geelong Aboriginal Community, directors of the Co-operative are responsible for organisational governance, leadership and the setting the strategic directions and priorities for the organisation. They are also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the achievement of strategic goals.

The Co-operative supports its board members through the conduct of an induction program along with support participation in governance training and conducts performance appraisal processes as required by various organisational accreditation frameworks.

Directors of the Board are responsible for:

  • the overall strategic direction of the Co-operative
  • making decisions about various issues related to organisational performance
  • monitoring financial transactions made by the Co-operative
  • signing Funding and Services Agreements with state and Commonwealth agencies and other parties
  • setting policy for the Co-operative and making decisions related to all business and strategic directions of the organisation
  • overseeing the preparation of the Co-operative’s Annual Report and funding acquittals
  • risk management
  • accreditation
  • other business as required.

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