fresh tracks

The Fresh Tracks program is a project that utilises an assertive outreach model which provides holistic care to Wathaurong community members and their families. This means that care coordination is provided to people in their own environment.

The assertive outreach model aims to:

  • facilitate connectedness according Safety & Emotional Well-being (SEWB) to reduce chronic disease in Aboriginal people
  • provide holistic care in a person’s own environment
  • build culturally responsive services and to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal patients
  • advocate for the cultural competence of main stream Health Providers where referral is necessary
  • provide community care for people who have chronic disease.

In addressing the areas of connectedness, it is proposed to strengthen the pathways between and within Wathaurong and Barwon Health Service delivery models by both mapping referral pathways and identifying potential areas for improvement which is a key strategy of the assertive outreach model.

Wathaurong also advocates for cultural competence of mainstream health providers where referral to such providers are appropriate to ensure a culturally-safe service for Aboriginal clients.

Clients are identified to have (or to be at risk of developing) a chronic disease and/or be identified to have complex psychosocial (poor SEWB connectedness) issues that impact on service utilisation for themselves and their families.