family services

Advocacy artwork ps3_mediumStrong families bring up strong children, who then go on the become strong, happy and productive adults.

Sometimes families struggle to stay on track, affecting the wellbeing of all members, often including extended family.

We can help you to deal with some of the issues that are distracting you from keeping your family strong, or are perhaps too complicated to handle by yourself. 

best start

Best Start helps families and caregivers to provide the best possible environments, experiences and care for children.

Includes Deadly Dads.

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in-home support

Culturally appropriate one-on-one support and other opportunities for families so that parents and carers can strengthen their parenting skills.

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integrated family services

Minimising or reducing the risk of involvement by Child Protection by undertaking a culturally appropriate needs-assessment of families, with the aim of improving their environment, lifestyle and/or parenting.

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This program offers a new way of working with Child Protection for Aboriginal families.

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aboriginal stronger families

Stonger Families is a whole-of-family program that aims to keep children with their families, either by helping to prevent children from being removed or by helping with a child's return when it is safe to do so.

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kinship care

When a child is unable to live at home, Kinship Care provides support for family members or close family friends who are providing out-of-home care that promotes cultural identity.

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community engagement

The community engagement program liaises and engages with the Wathaurong community in a variety of ways.

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family violence

We offer services to support families experiencing family violence, and we provide this support with an understanding of cultural needs.

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early childhood

In recognition of the importance of early childhood development, we offer:

Milla Milla Playgroup

Koori Preschool Assistant Program