Yarning Up Our Services Our Way

We want to hear your voice.

Wathaurong Co-Op is looking at what happens when Wathaurong Community members experience family violence and what happens when they try to access services to get help. This review is called the Yarning Up Our Services Our Way project. This Project is being run by Wathaurong Co-Op for the Wathaurong Community. Joining in is voluntary and we will try to make it easy for you to take part.

We invite you to:

Join us for our Yarning Circle experience at Wurdi Youang.

The women’s gathering will be held on Tuesday 12th October and Wednesday 13th October, while the men’s gatherings will be held on Thursday 14th October and Friday 15th October, from 10am – 2pm. You can choose which day to attend, both days will offer the same experience. The sessions include activities and yarning about family violence in a cultural space. Discussing what you know or have experienced and adding your voice to help us work on improving the support available. More details to follow.

Click the images below to register for the relevant gathering.

Gatherings will be held at Wurdi Youang.

Transport is available . The Wathaurong Early Childhood team will be available to care for preschool children while adults join the group. You are also welcome to bring a support person with you if you wish.

We want to learn:

  • What are the most important things services can help Community with when they experience family violence?
  • How can staff and the Community look at new ways to understand, help and heal from family violence?
  • How can we help other agencies (such as Police, Justice/Corrections, Child Protection) improve how they support Community when they experience family violence?