client rights & responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities Statement

The Co-operative aims to ensure that its workers and the people we work with are aware of their rights and responsibilities and can be confident in exercising them. This statement of Rights and Responsibilities recognises that:

  • the Co-operative assists people and families who sometimes have very specific needs and/or may be experiencing considerable stress
  • the Co-operative aims to enhance the quality of health, life, housing and independence
  • the Co-operative is administered within available resources and in accordance with the principles and goals set out in legislation and internal policies.

Your Rights

As a user of the Co-operative service you have the right to:

  • respect for your individual human worth and dignity
  • be treated with courtesy
  • access services without discrimination
  • be informed and consulted about available services and other relevant matters
  • take an active role in decisions made about your services and support
  • choose from available alternatives
  • pursue any complaint about service provision without retribution
  • involve an advocate of your choice
  • receive good quality services
  • privacy and confidentiality, and access to your personal information.

Your Responsibilities

As a user of a Co-operative service you have a responsibility:

  • to respect the Co-operative staff and treat them with courtesy including keeping appointments or giving adequate cancellation notice
  • for the results of any decisions you make
  • to provide a safe work environment for staff, free of violence and intimidation
  • to play your part in helping the Cooperative to provide you with services (e.g. striving to meet agreed goals).

Our Responsibilities

In providing services, the Co-operative’s staff have a responsibility to:

  • respect and enhance your independence and dignity
  • inform you about options for support
  • inform you of your rights and responsibilities and the service you will receive
  • involve you in decisions affecting your service
  • respect your privacy and confidentiality
  • deal with your complaints fairly and promptly
  • take into account your views when planning, managing and evaluating service provision.