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Check out some of the information and links we’ve put here for you to learn about Aboriginal history, inspirational young people and things you might like to look into like employment, training and education.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please email us at admin@wathaurong.org.au. CULTURAL ACTIVITIESINSPIRING ABORIGINALSDEADLY PROGRAMSJOBS AND EDUCATIONBEING INDEPENDENT

boys didge
Connecting to Country

INSPIRING ABORIGINALSMick Ryan is a talented member of the Wathaurong community who recorded a song with Mark Holden about the “Kill Parties” that used to intercept Wathaurong people as they travelled to the coast.  You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNqDy4ap36gHave you heard of Kezza Black?  Kez works at the Co-op and is highly involved in our community.  She does a lot to make sure we have awesome events and loads of fun, specially for the kids.  To top it off, she’s a deadly artist living on Wathaurong Country.  Visit her facebook page to learn more and check out her paintings, like the one to the right: Kezza Black ArtNathan Patterson is a talented artist who lives on Wathaurong Country and is an inspiration to Aboriginal people. Check out his site: http://www.ilukadesigns.com.au/Rohanee Cox is from the Kimberley in Western Australia and was the first Aboriginal woman to make it into an Olympic Basketball team, the Opals.  They won silver in the 2008 Olympics, and now Roey lives on Wathaurong Country playing for the Supercats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rohanee_Cox

Koori Surf Development

CULTURAL ACTIVITIESYou can learn a lot about the history of Wathaurong people at this site:  http://www.djillong.net.au/Keen to learn the didge?  Contact Michael Cussens: 0423 946 260 or email michaelcussens@yahoo.com.auOr want to express yourself through traditional dance? Learn about our stories?  Interested in Language? Or just hang out with our community?Let us know as we have existing programs and activities and are always planning new ones to connect our young people with culture, community and Country.In 2015 we ran a program in partnership with Koorie Engagement Support Officers, Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Parks Victoria and the Local Aboriginal Network. “Connecting to Country” involved two Cultural Experience Days, one for boys and the other for girls.  Senior primary and secondary students from schools across Geelong spent the day visiting significant sites, learning about cultural heritage and traditional activities. The students’ feedback was extremely positive and we gather from this that there are plenty of young people keen to learn more about Culture and Country.  As you can see by the photos to the left, it was enjoyed by all and we plan to have more in future.  Watch this space!If you’re interested in learning more about Culture and Country just call us on 5277 0044 and we can hook you up with the right program.

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DEADLY PROGRAMSThere are stacks of programs going on around Wathaurong Country where Aboriginal youth can hang out with others.  Check these out:Woorrangalook Koori Surf Development Program – see flyer to the left, and contact Anthony on 0447 388 001 or Jordie on 0488 935 183 for more information.Geelong Brotherboy Gatherings – monthly get togethers for Aboriginal Brotherboys aged 16+.  Yarning, eating, dancing and celebrating our culture and who we are.  Contact Lowell Hunter on 0488 157 255.

JOBS AND EDUCATIONTo the right are links to some of our partner organisations who can help with employment, education and training. These guys work with Wathaurong to help our community. Gordon TAFE has an Aboriginal Education Unit, Kitjarra wurrun-ngeen, and they run courses covering a massive range of topics.  Short or long, outdoors or inside, these guys have the course to suit anyone. Deakin University’s Institute of Koorie Education (IKE) offers learning models that promote access and equity for Indigenous Australian students. Northern Futures do a deadly job in helping you to get trained and ready for work.  Their success rate is double that of the state average. Alisha Britten is Wathaurong’s liaison person for Northern Futures and is committed to finding employment for young people.  She’s at Wathaurong every Thursday from 10am to 2pm.  Feel free to drop in if you’d like to have a yarn with Alisha.


BEING INDEPENDENTComes a time when we all need to strike out on our own.  The information below might help you when you’re ready to find a house, pay your bills and cook healthy tucker.Budgeting: It can be really tough to be independent.  You need to get good at setting up and sticking to a budget if you want to save – or even if you just want to make sure you can pay your bills.  Have a look for budgeting tools online, like this one on the MoneySmart site.  Find the one that works for you and work out whether you can save or where you need to cut back on spending.Finding a house: There are a few online sites to check out below. If you’re not sure where to start contact us on 03 5277 0044 and we’ll see how we can help.

Staying healthy: Plenty of us move out on our own without knowing what we need to keep us healthy.  We’re creating a page full of healthy, easy recipes just for you, but in the meantime check out these sites:

We’re also working on getting a community hub set up where other community members are keen to teach people how to work with tools, repair things, make things and cook healthy food.  Watch this space for more information.