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Deadly Dad – Jye Walker

I’m Jye Walker and my people are from Wemba Wemba country up near Swan Hill, although I have not known any of them until recently. I have grown up in the Wathaurong lands since I was 10 years old. I have 2 kids now, a 6 year old boy named […]

Deadly Dads – In Home Swimming Program

Term 4 of the In Home Support Swimming Program has been a great success. We would like to make a special mention to all of the deadly dads who have been getting involved. This term we have seen a rise in the number of dads getting in the water and […]

deadly dad chris

Deadly Dad: Chris Parker

I’m Chris Parker and I am a Wiradjuri man. My partners name is Samantha Parker and our beautiful son is Byron Parker, who is almost 4 years old. I never had my dad growing up, but I had some great Koori men in the community who were positive role models […]

Deadly Dad: Dean Hollander

I’m Dean Hollander I have been raised my whole life in Geelong. My partner is Claire McNamarra. We have two sons together, Josh who is 2.5 years old and Chace who is 4 months old. I love being involved in my sons lives, particularly as Josh is growing up, taking […]

Deadly Dad: Chris Warrior

I’m Chris Warrior and I am a Kokotha man from South Australia. My partner is Holly Charles who grew up in Geelong. Our son is Wilum Charles Ireland Warrior and he’s 11 months old. I didn’t grow up with my dad, so it was important for me to be a […]