aboriginal family led decision making

What is Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making (AFLDM)?

This program offers a new way of working with Child Protection for Aboriginal families.

It is based on traditional Aboriginal values and decision-making processes, where responsibility for growing kids is shared by parents, extended family and the community and guided by the wisdom and experience of Elders.

Who is eligible?

Families with Aboriginal children who are subject to or at risk of Child Protection intervention.

More information

Families are the foundation of Aboriginal communities. The preservation of Aboriginal families and protection of Aboriginal children is the responsibility of individuals, families and the Aboriginal community. In Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making (AFLDM) we work with families and community to make family plans on the guidelines that Child Protection has provided to convenors. Empowering families and communities to have control over addressing their own issues allows for realistic change. Child Protection must endorse family plans before they are active.

The AFLDM program is about Aboriginal people making important decisions on how to keep a child or young person safe and connected to their community. It encourages all parties involved to meet and make decisions about the wellbeing and safety of children and youth who are at risk of entering the Child Protection system. The ability for all these people to work together will allow change to be implemented in ways which are of benefit to all involved and will allow for the opportunities to maintain an Aboriginal child/young person’s link to community and encourage stronger families.

What to expect

We support families to make culturally-based, family-driven decisions in the best interest of  Aboriginal children who are subject to Child Protection intervention. This includes the capacity to:

  • reduce re-reporting and statutory intervention
  • improve kinship options in placement, support and care arrangements.



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